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Studio Classes

Our boutique studio specializes in 1:1s, duets and small semi-private classes with a maximum of three participants.
With a focus on strength and movement capability, our style of teaching guarantees challenge, progress, fun and of course a stronger more flexible body!

Initial Consultation
where it all begins

The IC is a 50 minute 1:1 where we meet you, look at your posture, see how you move, discuss any injuries, issues or goals you have and take you through a basic workout.  At the end of the IC we will advise you on whether 1:1s, semi-private classes, mat or a combination of these would be the best for you.

The IC is a pre-requisite for participation in all studio equipment classes at G.P.S.

more than reformer

Limited to three participants, our semi-private classes allow for seriously good Pilates training across all the studio equipment including mat, reformer, tower, chairs, cadillac, barrels and more.  You will develop a noticeably stronger, leaner body, a re-balancing of the muscles, better posture and better movement in daily life. Whatever your level or physical condition you will love the expert instruction and pleasant atmosphere G.P.S. provides. 

Initial Consultation is a pre-requisite to participate in studio training.

individual & duet

We offer private training sessions by appointment and at G.P.S. our unique approach combines classical and contemporary styles of Pilates making our one-to-one and duet classes absolutely unique to the individual client. 

Here is just a smattering of great reasons to take private lessons: 

  • You are just starting Pilates

  • To prepare for group equipment classes

  • Dealing with your hip/knee/shoulder..

  • Preparation or recovery from childbirth

  • For better posture 

Online 1:1 classes also available.

Les cours particuliers sont aussi disponible en français!

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