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Los Angeles, Paris, Greystones!


Welcome to Greystones Pilates Studio.  I'm Aoife, the owner and senior instructor at G.P.S. I certified as a classical Pilates instructor in Los Angeles in 2005 and again with Balanced Body University in Paris in 2009.  With over 2000 hours of professional training and more than 19 years of international instructor experience (in both English and French), I draw on my education, teaching experience and wider interest in movement and well-being in all my classes.  My goal for every body I work with is to develop strength, flexibility, balance and control - the Pilates method has over a century of delivering on this promise and as a teacher I get to see the continuous gains in agility, grace, efficiency of movement, strength and posture a consistent practice of Pilates brings. I hold a BA in Behavioural Science and an MSc in Psychology & Well-Being, and hold professional certifications in various topics including movement and myofascia, pre-natal Pilates, the female pelvic floor, pathologies of the spine and skeleton, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. 

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Aoife King, BA, MSc, owner and senior instructor G.P.S. 


Over a century old, Pilates is a system of exercises devised by Joseph Pilates which emphasises correct breathing and balanced development of the body from the core outwards, enhancing strength and suppleness and improving posture.


Joseph H. Pilates

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